HUDBlast February 25, 2009

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Solution for WASS/Secure Systems Coordinators Attempting to Set up iMAX Roles for WASS/Secure Systems Users

The deadline for establishing iMAX access is February 28, 2009.  That’s Saturday.

We have been working with many of you to assist in getting the iMAX roles set up and to help you understand the way the iMAX solution will work.

We continue to hear about two issues with the implementation of iMAX and hope we can assist in providing you with a solution.

1 – Some WASS/Secure System Coordinators cannot assign the iMAX role because the option is not available.

HUD identified the cause of this problem and has modified the setup steps to ensure that Coordinators can “turn on” the iMAX role and make it available.  As a result, we have modified the iMAX Quick Start document to add the “Action” set up steps.  You can obtain a copy of the revised iMAX Quick Start from our web site at

2 – Some users have been unable to obtain activation codes to establish coordinator access to properties.

While this is an issue, it will not stop you from sending TRACS files for the property.  As long as the iMAX role is set up for the coordinator/user, that coordinator/user is able to transmit TRACS files for any property with a valid TRACSMail ID and TRACSMail password. 

In products like, Bostonpost, Classic, Cornerstone, HUDControl, iCAM, Management Plus, OneSite, and Voyager 6008x, you access the TRACS option in the software and create TRACS files and then send the TRACS file. These solutions have an internal option you can choose to “Send TRACS files” and then the software prompts you to enter your MID and password. When using the system-to-system interface, all “send” and “receive” tasks are done for you, in the software. When using the system-to-system interface, once the iMAX role is set up for the user, there is no need to access iMAX through Secure Systems unless you are updating your iMAX profile or changing the password.

In products like CAM II, HUDManager 2000, and Voyager versions prior to 6008, you access the TRACS option in your software to create TRACS files. Once the TRACS file is created, you must log in to Secure Systems with your M-ID and password, click on the iMAX link and provide the property’s TRACSMail ID and TRACSMail password (this is NOT your MID and password) and then begin the process to send TRACS files to HUD or to your Contract Administrator. This is called the web browser graphical user interface (web interface). Instructions to send TRACS files and receive TRACS messages using the web interface should be available from your software vendor or you can access the iMAX User Guide at

As with any major industry change, the implementation of a new communication tool is not without its issues.  Your software vendors, HUD and the other industry support organizations are working together to ensure a successful transition.

As the deadline approaches, call volumes for everyone have been very high.  Please be assured that everyone is working diligently to respond to your questions.

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