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Annual Financial Statement Electronic Filing with HUD


By March 31, 2010, over 35,000 HUD Business Partners Ė in HUDís Multi-Family, Public Housing Authorities and Lender program areas Ė will submit annual financial statements through HUDís Secure Systems over the internet.  To help facilitate this yearís filing, the Office of Public and Indian Housing Real Estate Assessment Centerís Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is reaching out to insure that all filers have ACTIVE User IDs and CURRENT Passwords.

Remember, Secure System Users, including accountants who file electronic financial statements, must maintain their active status.  This means that:

  • Users must change Passwords every 90 days
  • User IDís become inactive (requiring reactivation) after 90 days if the user has not accessed Secure Systems

Since many HUD electronic filers will attempt to sign on for the first time since last year, they may have trouble because their MID is inactive or their password has expired.    A significant number of filers will need to have their User IDs reactivated by the TAC, or have their passwords reset, before they can submit this yearís financial statements

Please ask your filer to log in to Secure Systems to make sure the User ID (MID) and password still work.

Secure Systems Security Protocol/Rules of Behavior

It is important that all Secure Systems users understand the Rules of Behavior for HUDís Secure Systems.  Under no circumstances may users share MID and password combinations.  To view the Rules of Behavior, visit HUDís web site at

The latest updates to HUDís IT Security Policy can be found on the following link:

Reactivating User IDs (MID)

If the filerís User ID (MID) is no longer active, the ID can only be reactivated by contacting the TAC by phone 888-245-4860 or email  When contacting the TAC for User ID reactivation, users will be asked to verify Secure System information, which includes:

  • User ID
  • Motherís Maiden Name
  • Last 4 Digits of Your Social Security Number

Resetting Passwords

If the password has expired, passwords can be reset in one of four ways;

  1. When prompted after logging in to Secure Systems using an active MID (WASS ID),
  2. By clicking on the  ďPassword ResetĒ option from HUDís web site at,
  3. By choosing the Change Password option from the Secure Systems System Administration Menu
  4. By contacting the TAC by phone 888-245-4860 or email

When establishing a new password, remember that you must follow HUDís password rules:

  • Passwords must be no less than 6 characters and no more than 8 characters
  • Passwords must contain at least one upper case letter
  • Passwords must contain at least one lower case letter
  • Passwords must contain at least one character (such as a number, dash, exclamation point, etc.)
  • Passwords cannot be ďre-usedĒ until 6 other passwords have been utilized (this means users cannot switch back and forth between 2 or 3 different passwords)

REACís Technical Assistance Center

The TAC operates between the hours of 7:00am to 8:30pm EST, Monday thru Friday.

HUD is anticipating heavy call volumes during this activation period. The suggested times to contact the TAC for User ID and Password activations are 7:00am to 8:30am and 6:30pm to 8:30pm EST, Monday thru Friday.

Change in Voucher Submission for Manual Review

There are certain circumstances, during the TRACS Voucher process, when HUD is required to complete a manual review of the voucher. If a voucher is subject to manual review, owner/agents receive a voucher error message through the TRACS Mailbox. 

In the past, the manual review was completed by HUD staff working in the Kansas City Voucher HUB.

In order to provide more prompt and effective service to project owners when vouchers require manual reviews, HUDís Financial Operations Division (FOD) will be receiving, tracking, and approving vouchers through the Chicago office. At this time, only the vouchers with the following status codes require manual review

         VST31  VOUCHER REQUIRES REVIEW BY HUD/VPD., Please e-mail signed copy to or fax to (816) 426-6174.


HUD/VPD., Please e-mail signed copy to or

fax to (816) 426-6174.


REVIEW BY HUD/VPD Please e-mail signed copy to or

fax to (816) 426-6174.


CA/PBCA; TCA VOUCHERS WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR REVIEW. - For TCA Administer Contracts, voucher referred to HUD FMC. FAX signed voucher to FMC (816) 426-6174.

Effective March 12, 2010, HUD is implementing the following change: Owners/management agents are asked to use a scanner to transform each printed voucher into a digital copy and save it as a Portable Document File (PDF).  Use the contract number as the file name when creating the PDF. Then, attach the PDF files to an e-mail message addressed to

If you do not have the capability to scan and e-mail vouchers to HUDís voucher processing mailbox, you may temporarily fax them to 312-886-7941. Vouchers are no longer received at fax number 816-426-6174.

To avoid duplicating the review effort, please email the voucher or, if you cannot email, fax the voucher.  Please choose one or the other.  Do not email and fax the same voucher.  If you have questions about this process, please email

EIV Policies Available on CD

Be sure to check out our EIV Policy CD.  This CD contains sample policies and forms to help you develop your own custom policies and procedures.  The CD includes:

  • A Sample EIV Use Policy
  • A Sample EIV Security Policy
  • Various Sample Checklists including
    • Sample MOR Checklist
    • Sample Repayment Tracker
  • Sample Notices to Applicants and Residents
  • Much more

For additional information about the individual sample forms, pricing and ordering, visit our web site at

Upcoming RBD Training

RBD Training - TRACS Today & EIV Today

TRACS Today - After receiving multiple requests, we are glad to offer a new, updated and exciting new TRACS class.  This class offers students a full explanation of the TRACS process including how TRACS files are created and sent to HUD.  Everything from certification to voucher processing.  We also explain what happens when the files are received by HUD.  Discussion includes information about TRACS and EIV errors Ė what to do when you receive them and how to avoid them!  Also learn how errors in the TRACS system can affect EIV.  Join us for TRACS Today in the following cities.

EIV Today Ė Do you need to really spend some time reviewing the EIV System?  Now that implementation of EIV is mandatory (effective January 31, 2010), owner/agents must be sure that they are complying with HUDís requirements.  Development of written Security and Use policies might be one of the more challenging tasks we face today.  This class focuses solely on the EIV process, from security to file maintenance to periodic reporting.  Join Mary Ross to discuss what reports are required for applicant screening, what reports must be reviewed on a monthly basis, which reports are available for income verification, and how to use EIV to ensure resident compliance. 

And what happens when you discover that a resident has failed to report income?!?  Weíll also review the repayment process including how to supply repayment information to HUD via the voucher.  Thatís a lot to cover and weíre going to take a full day to make sure you understand how to use the system to help HUD ensure that the right assistance is going to the right people.  Join us for EIV Today in the following cities.

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