HUDBlast April 23, 2007

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Coordinators MUST Certify EIV Users by April 30 or Risk Loss of EIV Access

In accordance with new security measures established for Multi-family housing EIV users, HUD requires periodic re-certification of the user to ensure that the owner/agent feels that the user still has a need to view EIV information. 

User certification must be completed based on HUD’s quarterly timeline.  On April 1, Coordinators should start certifying users through June 30, 2006.  Coordinators have until April 30 to complete the certification task.  The certification end date will be June 30, 2006.  In July, Coordinators will certify users again through September 30, 2006.  This is a continuing process and part of HUD’s effort to keep EIV information secure.

Coordinators will be recertified by HUD on an annual basis.  If you are not sure how to certify your users, refer to the EIV Administrator Manual on HUD’s EIV web site. The instructions for certifying users for the Multi-family housing industry begin on the bottom of page 51. We have summarized the steps below for your convenience.

Quick Steps for Certifying EIV Users

Multi-family EIV Coordinators assigned the EIV “HSC” role can only certify EIV Users assigned the “HSU” role.

To certify “HSU” users:

Step 1: Click the User Certification link in the left-hand navigation panel available for the “HSC” role

Step 2: From the User Certification page, select from the Contracts or Projects option, choose a value from the drop-down list, and click on the “Get User* button

When the Contracts option is selected and a contract is selected, a list of HSU Users for the selected contract will be displayed.

Step 3:  For users that require certification (with status of Expired, New, or Pending), an Action checkbox is provided. To certify a user, mark the checkbox with a check (√) on selected users and click on the Update Status button.

When the Update Status button is clicked, the system refreshes the Certify User page with the list of users and their status. The status of the selected users should show as Certified.

From the Certify Users page, you can also filter the result by certification status by choosing a desired value from the Certification Status drop-down list.

When “All” is selected from the Certification Status, all contracts and projects associated to the user regardless of the status will be displayed. When Pending, Certified, Expired, or New is selected from the Certification Status, only the users for the selected status will be displayed.

The multi-family help desk can also assist you, but please attempt to use the documentation provided in the EIV Administrator Manual before calling the help desk.  High call volume will cause delays and this is a pretty straight-forward process.  If you have a problem after reviewing the manual, call the multi-family help desk at 1-800-767-7588.

Section 8 Student Rule:

Please be aware that HUD has posted an updated set of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the student rule.  The new document should be reviewed by all Section 8 property management professionals.  In this document HUD has clarified some of the more pressing outstanding questions.  For example:  HUD clarifies that for a non-Section 8 program, we should refer to the instruction in the 4350.3, Revision 1, Change 1 for eligibility purposes.  In addition, financial aide does not count as income for managers who are not working under Section 8 contracts such as 236 property managers and those of you managing PACs and PRACs. 

The new Q & A document can be found on HUD’s RHIIP web site at

Updates to the Section 8 Contract Renewal Guide

Please be advised that several changes to the Section 8 Renewal Policy Guide Book were issued by HUD in March.  The HUD web site includes a transmittal document identifying and explaining the changes in chapters 2,3,4,6 & 7.  The new pages should be inserted in your Section 8 Contract Renewal Guide.  Please go to  to access the information.

New Secure Systems Security

Beginning June 15, 2007 users of WASS will be limited to one session per user ID. This means that if you are logged into the system and try to start another session in WASS the earlier session will be terminated and a new session will be initiated. This change is being made in order to increase the level of security coming into HUD's Secure Systems. (April 20, 2007).

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