HUDBlast May 31, 2007

New Forms from HUD.

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HUD Releases New Forms

In recent days, HUD has released new versions of several key forms used by most of RBD’s customers.  The following is a list of key forms that have been updated in the past week.  Please be sure to check the HUDClips web site for the latest version of any forms used by your organization.  It is imperative that you incorporate new versions of the forms as quickly as possible.  Failure to do so could result in findings during the Management and Occupancy review.  You should document your policy and procedure records to indicate when new forms were released and subsequently incorporated by your site(s).

HUD Releases New 9834

On May 18, HUD released a new version of HUD Form 9834.  This form is used by HUD Staff and Contract Administrators to conduct the Management and Occupancy Review (MOR) for multi-family properties.

The form HUD-9834, Management Reviews for Multifamily Housing Projects, has been revised for minor corrections.  CAs should begin to use this revised form for any upcoming management and occupancy reviews.  For any management and occupancy reviews in process, the form in use should be completed and all subsequent reviews will utilize the revised form dated 4/07.  Users will be able to distinguish between the current and newly revised form by the date in the lower right portion of the form, the current revision is dated 4/07.

If you are scheduled for a review, it is important that you download the latest version of the form in order to prepare to provide your reviewer with necessary information.  The form is available on the HUDClips web site at

HUD Releases New Rent Schedule

The 92458 (Rent Schedule Low Rent Housing) and 92458 A – (Schedule of Charges & Project Information – Housing for the Elderly) have been updated and HUDClips posted these new forms on May 17.  Be sure to download and use the latest version of this form for unit rent information.  The form can be found on the HUDClips web site at

HUD Released New Race & Ethnicity Forms

On May 16, HUD released a new version of the Race & Ethnicity Forms.  HUD Form 27061 and HUD Form 27061 H have been given new expiration dates.  The new forms should be used when collecting information for new households or new household members.

We do not expect HUD to require owner/agents to repeat the race and ethnicity data collection process for those residents who have already provided the required information.  The new forms can be found on the HUDClips web site at

Continued Confusion About the 9887 Forms

The numerous releases of the 9887 that we experienced earlier this year is having continued impact on property managers we work with.  Recently, we were informed that some of our customers are using the second or third version of the form released in 2007 instead of the final version. 

Please check the 9887 Packet currently in use at your property and make sure that the date in the bottom right-hand corner is 2/2007.  If you are using the 1/18/2007 version of the form, you are not using the current version.

HUD Releases New 50058

On May 15, HUD released a new version of the 50058.  This new version should be used by those who are required to submit the 50058 form.  This form can be found on the HUDClips web site at

OCAF Rent Adjustment Worksheet

On May 22, HUD released a new OCAF Rent Adjustment Worksheet – HUD Form 9625.  You should use this new form when preparing to request OCAF Rent increases.  The form can be found on the HUDClips web site at

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) has posted two sets of frequently asked questions related to LEP:


1.      Frequently Asked Questions on the Final LEP Guidance 

2.      LEP Frequently Asked Questions from the Multifamily Housing Industry Groups 


The Final LEP Guidance was published in the January 22, 2007 Federal Register.  The FAQs and the Final LEP Guidance can be accessed from the following web address:


Comprehensive Housing Market Analysis

HUD USER has posted new Comprehensive Housing Market Analysis (CHMA) reports for El Paso, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Rochester, Minnesota. The reports for these areas are available online and can be downloaded for free at
In addition to the four new CHMAs, the HUD USER website above provides links to previously published reports covering 70 housing markets across the nation. All reports are available as free downloads.

RHIIP Listserv

RBD encourages our customers to sign up for HUD’s RHIIP Listserv.  Not only will this valuable tool provide your property management professionals with information about the latest multi-family housing announcements, but the Listserv regularly provides tips and clarifications regarding day-to-day operations.   In addition, you can indicate your participation on two segments of the Management & Occupancy Review.  The RHIIP Listserv provides continuing education and demonstrates dedication to keeping abreast of regulatory changes.  This, of course, improves your ability to implement changes in policy and procedure. 

Sign up today at  Scroll down to the Multifamily Housing RHIIP (Rental Housing Integrity Improvement Program) Tips.  Click on that option and sign up!!

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