HUDBlast July 16, 2009

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New Form – 92006 Supplement to Application for Federally Assisted Housing – Retraction

Yesterday, we sent a HUDBlast with information about a new HUD Form 92006 that was posted on the HUDClips web site. 

Please note that HUD has retracted the form and is going to re-post, at a later date, with instructions about its use.

If you already downloaded the form, please do not begin to use it until HUD has posted this instruction.

HUD has removed the form from the HUDClips web site.



Good news!  The Department of Homeland Security has provided HUD with additional time for managers of HUD assisted properties to sign up for the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) system. This system is used to verify eligibility status for non-citizens.

Please note that 202 PAC, 202 PRAC, 811 PRAC and 221(d)(3) BMIR  property managers and managers of 202 properties that are not receiving rental assistance through Rent Supplement or Section 8 programs, should not request access to SAVE since your residents are not subject to citizen/non-citizen eligibility requirements. 

If you are the owner or management agent of a HUD-assisted property and have not sent in the contact information for one designated person per property to get access to the SAVE system, please do so now and take advantage of this opportunity. The person designated should be the one who will need to use the SAVE system to verify the citizenship status of applicants or residents who are noncitizens and who claim eligible immigration status.

If you submitted your information previously, there is no need to resubmit the data. 


1)  Fill in each column on the attached excel spreadsheet for the person designated to have access to the SAVE system. The excel spreadsheet can also be downloaded from the following website:

2)  Send it by email to no later than July 24, 2009.

If you already submitted this information, please do not re-submit your property or contact information.

Please do not call HUD to confirm receipt.

Information will be “uploaded” later this summer. At that time, each person indicated on the spreadsheets received by HUD will receive an email with their User ID and temporary password to access the SAVE system.

There are quite a few questions about this new process. HUD has provided answers to commonly asked questions through the RHIIP ListServ.  Please see below.

Questions and Answers

Why should I designate someone to get access to the SAVE System?

To ensure that HUD’s rental assistance is provided only to eligible noncitizens, owners and management agents of properties (other than the ones listed in the NOTE above) must use the SAVE system to verify the validity of citizenship documents provided by applicants or tenants who are noncitizens and who claim eligible immigration status.

I don’t have any noncitizen tenants and never get any noncitizen applicants.  Why should my property get access to the SAVE system?

There is always a chance that a noncitizen will apply to live in your property.  Since the SAVE system must be used by properties (other than those listed in the NOTE above) to verify the validity of citizenship documents should this occur, it is best to be prepared and get access now.

Already have access to SAVE?

Due to the fact that DHS is streamlining the SAVE database, if your property already has access to the SAVE system, you still need to designate one person to have access and complete the information requested above by the established deadline so that this person will receive a new User ID and temporary password.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.  There will be no suspension of existing SAVE accounts during this process.  If you currently have access, continue as you have been. When the new ID is ready for the person designated for the one-time upload, it will be emailed to you promptly.

Need more than one person to have access to SAVE?

If your property has access to SAVE now and more than one person has access, or if your property does not have access to SAVE currently and you need more than one person to have access, additional people can be provided access through a manual process that will take place at HUD.  Further instructions about the manual process will be provided once the one-time upload process is completed.

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  • Implementation of the Violence Against Women Act, for Section 8 and 202/8
  • New Social Security Number requirements (all residents, regardless of age)
  • New citizenship verification requirements
  • TRACS Update changing certification submission and vouchers
  • EIV Policies – Security and Use Policies
  • Using EIV
  • New EIV Monitoring Guidance

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