HUDBlast December 5, 2008

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EIV Training Announcement

On December 16 & 17, 2008, HUD will be hosting a 2-day web-based Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) class.  This training will be delivered via the HUD webcast and can be viewed by accessing the webcast web site at

The course is open to owners and management agents (O/As), contract administrators and HUD staff.  HUD Headquarters staff will provide information about

  • Obtaining and retaining EIV access
  • Security of EIV data
  • Using EIV information and reports and
  • Monitoring compliance of O/As using the EIV system 

Classes start at 11:00 AM EST and end at 4:00 PM EST each day

Prior to the course, course materials, including the agenda, Power Point presentations and case studies, will be posted to the EIV Training and Outreach for Multifamily Housing Programs web page at

If you plan to view the training, RBD strongly recommends that you visit the webcast web site and download the latest version of the free video player.  This should be done BEFORE you are ready to view the training so that you can address any issues in advance.  If your IT department restricts downloads, you may need their technical assistance.

Operating Cost Adjustment Factors for 2009 Posted

The OCAF rent adjustments are designed to cover increases in project operating costs. Contract rents are adjusted by applying the OCAF to that portion of the rent attributable to operating expenses and making adjustments for increases or decreases in non-operating costs, such as debt service.  To obtain a copy of the notice, go to

APPS Industry User Guide

For those of you who are automating HUD Form 2530 in APPS, please be aware that HUD posted updates to the APPS Industry User Guide.  The latest edition has a 10/2008 revision date.  You can access the new APPS Industry User Guide from HUDís web site at

The Tax Identification Number (TIN) for the Active Partners Performance System (APPS) and paper 2530s must be unique for all principals, as required by the Housing Commissioner.  Every principal must apply for participation clearance. 

Participants that are individual persons should use their social security number. Participants that are separate legal entities cannot use their personal Social Security Number (SSN).  Separate legal entities must use a separate tax id number even if they do not file tax returns. Each participant must have a unique numerical identifier in the APPS system.

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