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HUD requires owner/agents to develop EIV policies and procedures to describe who has access to EIV, how the EIV data is secured, when each report is reviewed and how property staff use the data provided in the EIV reports.  Detailed requirements are described in  HUD Notice 13-06, HH 4350.3 R1 and in the EIV Guides

RBD has provided necessary sample policies, sample checklists and sample notices to assist you in the development of your own comprehensive policy and to ensure compliance with HUD’s requirements. Key points to consider:

  • You must keep EIV data secure

  • You must use EIV for screening

  • You must have permission from the head-of-household, co-head, spouse and all adult household members before you can review EIV information

  • You must review income reports 90 days post move-in, during each annual certification and during each interim certification

  • You must maintain a property Master File

  • You must describe if you use the No Income reports and if so, how you use them

To assist you with EIV Use Policy development, we have developed four sample policies and supporting forms, notices and checklists to help you implement and monitor compliance.

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