Tenant Selection Plans

Owner/agents are required to create a Tenant Selection Plan that complies with the requirements set forth in HH 4350.3 and complies with HUD Notices released after December 2013 (when HH 4350.3 was released). 

OAs cannot stop with the development of the Plan, but must also create supporting forms that can be used when property managers work to implement and comply with the Tenant Selection Plan.  It is important that applications, application packages, notices and checklists are also considered when compliance teams create a Tenant Selection Policy.

At RBD, we designed our TSP FASTForms to provide you with the forms you need to develop and implement a comprehensive, compliant policy.  Each FASTForms package includes:

  • A TSP Template
  • Applications/Pre-applications
  • Application Packages
  • Application Notices
  • Reasonable Accommodation Policy and Forms
  • VAWA Policy
  • Student Forms
  • Live-in Aide Forms
  • Citizen/Non-Citizen Forms (S8 only)
  • Much more...

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All forms have been created in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel to ensure easy editing.


The cost for a TSP FASTForms CD is only $850.00.

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Tenant Selection Plan - 202 PRAC & 811 PRAC$850.00

Tenant Selection Plan - 202/8$850.00

Tenant Selection Plan - Section 8 Family & Section 8 Elderly$850.00

Tenant Selection Plan Section 8 PBRA RAD$850.00