2020 Cyber Awareness Challenge

Owner/agents with access to EIV or TRACS or staff that have access to EIV Reports (but not the EIV Database) must complete the Cyber Awareness Challenge every year.

For those of you who are due to complete your Cyber Awareness Challenge, you may notice some changes.

If you use the old IASE web address to access the Challenge, you will be routed to the DOD Cyber Exchange.

Scroll down and choose to view information available to the Public.

Click to view training options and Select the Cyber Awareness Challenge.

Then choose to Launch the Training. 

You can go directly to the CISA web site by using this web address: https://public.cyber.mil/

In 2020, the federal government removed the requirement to sign the certificate. The certificate is saved as a PDF.

Be sure to save the certificate or you will have to take the class again.