Financial Statement Submissions

Electronic Filing of Annual Financial Statements - Does Your SubmitterStill Have Access?

By March 31, 2016, over 35,000 HUDBusiness Partners will submit annual financial statements over the Internetusing HUD's Secure Systems (FASSUB). In previous years, Business Partners haveexperience problems submitting financial statements because the personresponsible for submitting the electronic financial statement was unaware thathis/her password expired or the M-ID had been deactivated in accordance withHUD's Secure Systems security protocol. HUD Secure Systems security protocolmandates that:

  • Users and Coordinators must change Passwordsevery 60 days
  • User ID's (M-IDs) become inactive (requiringreactivation) if the user/coordinator does not log in to and use SecureSystems at least every 90 days

If the person submitting the electronic financial statementhas not logged on to and used Secure Systems (WASS) since last year'ssubmission, that person's M-ID and/or password is probably no longer working.Since FASSUB submitters often use the system only once a year to submitelectronic financial statements, this means a significant number of people willneed to reset their passwords or have their M-IDs reactivated by HUD's TACbefore they can submit this year's financial statements.

Resetting Passwords

If the person submitting theelectronic financial statement cannot log in to Secure Systems, he/she may wantto attempt to reset his/her password. Passwords must:

  • Have no less than 8 characters

  • Contain at least one upper case letter

  • Contain at least one lower cast letter

  • Contain at least one symbol or number (number, dash, etc.)

Passwords can be reset in four different ways:

  1. If the password has expired, Secure Systems willautomatically prompt users/coordinators to change the password immediately afterlog-in. The "Change Password" screen prompts users/coordinators to enter in thecurrent password and then to enter and confirm a new password. This only worksfor a limited amount of time after expiration.

  2. Go to the required information, your request will be submitted and a newpassword will be emailed to the email address associated with your user name inSecure Systems. Once you receive this new password, log on to Secure Systemsthen choose the option to Change Password. At this point, you can enter apassword that you will remember. This only works for a limited amount of timeafter expiration.

  3. Log on to Secure Systems. Choose the Change Password optionunder System Administration. This only works if the current password has notexpired.

  4. Contact the TAC by phone or email 888-245-4860

Re-Activating a User ID (M-ID)

If the M-ID has been deactivated,the ID can only be re-activated by contacting TAC by phone or email. Whencontacting TAC for re-activation, users/coordinators will be asked to verifySecure System information, which includes:

  • User ID (M-ID)

  • Mother's Maiden Name

  • Last 4 Digits of the Social Security Number

The TAC operates between the hours of 7:00am to 8:30pm EST,Monday thru Friday and can be contacted at (1-888-245-4860) or by email

Because of heavy volume, the suggested times to contact the TAC for User ID(M-ID) and Password activations are 7:00am to 8:30am and 6:30pm to 8:30pm EST,Monday thru Friday.

Additional Information

If you are not theperson who submits electronic financial statements,

please forward thisinformation to that person

so he/she can checkthe user name and password.

For more information regardingthe latest updates to HUD's WASS Business Area products and security procedures,go to the following website:

The latest updates to HUD's ITSecurity Policy can be found on the following link: and paste URL into your Internet browser)

Reminder: Never, evershare your user name and password with anyone else.

This is a violation thatcan result in

termination of accessfrom Secure Systems and civil and criminal penalties.

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