Streamlining HUD Administrative Regulations

Yesterday, March 8, 2016, HUD released a new FederalRegister Notice entitledStreamlining Administrative Regulations for Public Housing, Housing ChoiceVoucher, Multifamily Housing, and Community Planning and Development Programs.

These changes affect both Public & Indian Housing (PIH) andMultifamily Housing programs. The rule changes introduced in this Final Ruleare effective April 7, 2016. We will be offering anRBD OnlineTraining Workshop - Streamlining HUD Administrative RegulationsonMarch 31, 2016 to discuss these changes, explain the impact on your companypolicies and provide any known HUD clarifications. Please note we will only bediscussing changes that affect the Multifamily Housing programs.

The new final rule appliesto the following Multifamily Housing programs:

  • Project-Based Section 8 (New Construction, StateAgency-Financed, Substantial Rehabilitation, Rural Housing Services, LoanManagement Set-Aside, and Property Disposition Set-Aside)

  • Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation

  • Rent Supplement Program

  • Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly (includingProject Assistance Contract and Project Rental Assistance Contract (PRAC))

  • Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons withDisabilities (including PRAC and Project Rental Assistance)

  • Section 236 Interest Reduction Payments Program

  • Rental Assistance Payment (RAP) Program

  • Sections 221(d)(3) and (d)(5)-FHA Insurance Programs forNew Construction or Substantially
    Rehabilitated Multifamily Rental Housing

SSN at Move-in - Exception for Minors Under the Age of SixYears

HUD has changed the rule regarding verification of SocialSecurity Numbers for children under the age of 6 years-specifically at move-in.The 90-day exemption for minors under the age of 6 will apply at move-in andinitial certification. At this time, TRACS still issues a Fatal Error, so HUD'ssystems will need to be updated to accept this change. This change will alsorequire minor edits to most property resident selection plans.

Definition ofExtremely-low Income

HUD reiterated the change to the definition of"Extremely-low Income". This change to the definition was effectiveJuly 1, 2014. As of July 1, 2014, Extremely-Low Income families are now definedas families whose incomes do not exceed the higher of:

  • The Federal Poverty Level or

  • 30 percent of Area Median Income

Definition ofTuition for Section 8

For the Section 8 program, HUD includes educationalfinancial aid, in excess of tuition, except when the student lives with his/herparents receiving Section 8 assistance or when the student is over the age of 23(defined as 23 and one day) with a dependent child. HUD amended the CFR(5.609(b)(9)) to include "fees" within the definition of tuition.

HUD announced this changein December 2015 with the release of Housing Notice 2015-12,Amendment to the Definition of Tuition

Fixed IncomeVerification

This new final rule also provides for a streamlined incomedetermination for any fixed source of income (e.g. Social Security, RailroadPension or VA Disability). Upon admission to a program, third-party verificationof all income amounts must be obtained for all family members, and a fullreexamination and determination of income must be performed every 3years.

In the interim, a streamlined income determination may be performed for a familymember with a fixed source of income by applying to a previously determined orverified source of income a cost of living adjustment (COLA) or interest rateadjustment specific to each source of fixed income.

We expect HUD to provide additional clarification to this rule.

Instructor-ledTraining From RBD

HUD Management & Occupancy Challenge

SinceHUD has indicated that we should expect an increase in the number of Management& Occupancy Reviews (MOR) conducted in 2016, we have created a class to allowowner/agents and property managers to take a step back and review HUD'smultifamily occupancy requirements. This is not a review of basic requirements,but rather a discussion about best practices designed to help you identifycommon mistakes that may otherwise be revealed during the MOR.

Trainingincludes sample forms, notices and checklists.

Toregister for training, visit our web site atwww.rbdnow.comor contact our Training Coordinator (Larue Marin)

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