New HUD Form92006 - Supplement to the Application

HUD recently released a new version ofHUD Form 92006 SUPPLEMENT TO APPLICATION FOR FEDERALLY ASSISTED HOUSING.This new form has an expiration date of 2/28/2019.

Upon review, the only change to this document is to revisethe expiration date.

A copy of HUD Form 92006 must be attached toapplication/pre-applications. Owner/agents may not wait until move-in to obtaina copy of the form.

Applicants/residents are not required to provide analternative contact and may check the box stating that the applicant/residentchooses not to provide the contact information.

We have received clarification from HUD that owner/agentsare required to obtain one completed version of the 92006 for each family. Ifmore than one member wishes to provide alternative contact information, that isallowed.

Owner/agents should (but are not required to) askapplicants if they wish to update the information before MI. Owner/agentsshould (but are not required to) ask residents if they wish to update theinformation at each annual certification. This can be done by including aquestion on the questionnaire or by providing a new copy of the form.Owner/agents are not required to provide a new HUD Form 92006 at each AR.

HUD Form92006 thathave already been completedby applicants and residents do nothave to be replaced.

  • Forms completed by applicants remain inthe applicant file for the entire time an applicant is on a waiting list andfor three years after removal/rejection.
  • Forms completed by residents areretained for the term of tenancy and for three years after tenancy ends forany reason.

Owner/agents shoulddiscard anyunusedversion of the form with an expiration date of11/13/2015 and replaceunusedforms with this new version.

Instructor-ledTraining From RBD

HUD Management & Occupancy Challenge

Since HUD has indicated that we should expect an increase in the number ofManagement & Occupancy Reviews (MOR) conducted in 2016, we have created a classto allow owner/agents and property managers to take a step back and review HUD'smultifamily occupancy requirements. This is not a review of basic requirements,but rather a review of best practices designed to help you identify commonmistakes that may otherwise be revealed during the MOR.

Each session starts with a review of HH 4350.3 and MAT Guide requirements andconcludes with a real-life review of how those requirements affect you, theresidents and the resident file.

This class is designed for site staff, regional staff, and management companycompliance staff. Sample forms, notices and checklists are included in trainingworkbooks to assist you in developing your own policies.

Toregister for training, visit our web site atwww.rbdnow.comor contact our Training Coordinator (Larue Marin)

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