Join Mary Rossfor Online Training This Fall

The changes to theSection 8 student rule prompted us to add a new online training class to ourfall lineup. Based on popular request, we have also scheduled:

  • EIV Basics and EIVDiscrepancy classes,

  • A class to review theeffect of disparate impact on how we screen applicants and address criminalactivity on the property

  • An advanced AR/IR classand

  • ASection 504 class for those of you who are responsible for addressing concernsand requests from people with disabilities

Join Mary Ross for thefollowing live online training classes. Classes include a training workbook andsample forms and checklists.

New Class The Section 8Student Rules - Addressing Changes Announced in September - October 13, 2016

The new information includedin the Federal Register gives owner/agents the opportunity to remove barrierspreventing eligibility when a student is an orphan, ward of the court,emancipated minor or in a legal guardianship relationship with someone otherthan the student's parents. Under most circumstances, these students are nowclassified as Independent Students. HUD has also modified the verificationrequirements when a student claims eligibility based on their status as anIndependent Student.

Annual Certification,Interim Certification & Terminations - December 15, 2016

Join Mary for an up-to-datediscussion of the AR process including how to handle residents who refuse toparticipate, how to handle residents who are late and use of the new ExtenuatingCircumstances Codes. This class also includes a review of the IR processincluding how to handle challenging scenarios like teachers who receive income 9of 12 months, residents who fail to report and residents who get a job-then quitthe job-then get another job.

Criminal Activity,Screening & Tenancy - December 13, 2016

Join us for a discussionabout developing or updating policies specifically addressing criminal activity,screening and tenancy for HUD Multifamily properties. This online classincludes in-depth training materials, sample notices and ideas to updatepolicies in place to address criminal activity. Copies of HUD Notices and memosare also included as part of the training content.

EIV Basics -AnExplanation of HUD's Requirements for Using the Enterprise Income VerificationSystem - November 9 & 10, 2016

This 2-part class providesinstruction for use of EIV. We will discuss which documents are required duringthe MOR, the Master File, using EIV as Up-front Income Verification and IncomeDiscrepancies. This class includes sample notices, forms and checklists thatcan be used to streamline the EIV process.

EIV - IncomeDiscrepancies - October 27, 2016

Not a beginner's class.Learn how to simplify the EIV Income Discrepancy, Verification and RepaymentProcesses. What do HUD and your Reviewers really want? Also, during thissession, we will review the best way to document compliance with HUD's EIVrequirements.

Responsibilities of theSection 504 Coordinator - December 8, 2016

HUD requires most propertyowner/agent to identify a Section 504 Coordinator. However, HUD has notestablished training requirements for a person with this responsibility. ThisSection focuses on the basic requirements including requirements for reasonableaccommodation and modification. We will examine the HUD/DOJ joint statementsand review Best Practices for property managers addressing applicant/residentrequests.

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New 4thQuarter 2016 Online Training Schedule

Classes Offered


NewSection 8 Student Rule(Class length 1.5 hours)October 13, 2016

EIV Income Discrepancy(Class length 2.5 hours)

October 27, 2016
EIV Basics(Class length 2 - 2.5 hour sessions)November 9 & 10, 2016
Section 504Coordinator(Class length 2.5 hours)December 8, 2016
CriminalActivity, Screening & Tenancy(Class length 2.5 hours)December 13, 2016
AR / IR &Terminations(Class length 2.5 hours)December 15, 2016

Students who register andattend the entire class will receive a certificate of completion.Students should register individually.Confirmations are unique to each student and cannot be shared.

For additional informationor to register, visit our web site at

Training materials andsample forms are provided to facilitate instruction.Training materials are provided and should beprinted before the training begins.

Instructor-ledTraining From RBD

HUD Management & Occupancy Challenge - Only 1 classes leftin 2016!

Since HUDhas indicated that we should expect an increase in the number of Management &Occupancy Reviews (MOR) conducted in 2016, we have created a class to allowowner/agents and property managers to take a step back and review HUD'smultifamily occupancy requirements. This is not a review of basic requirements,but rather a discussion about best practices designed to help you identifycommon mistakes that may otherwise be revealed during the MOR.

Trainingincludes sample forms, notices and checklists.




St. Paul, MNHUD Management & OccupancyChallengeOctober 25 & 26, 2016

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