VAWA - Translated Forms

The VAWA Final Rule requires owner/agents to update internal VAWA policies.  Beginning December 16, 2016, HUD Forms 5380 (VAWA Notice) and 5382 (VAWA Certification) must be provided to all existing residents at the next lease renewal/AR (not each AR). If the resident is paying market rent and does not meet with the OA for lease renewal/AR, owner/agents must implement a method to provide the forms.
These two forms are also provided when a new family moves in, any time an applicant is rejected and with any notice of termination or eviction.
There is no requirement to include a copy of the form or an acknowledgement in the resident/applicant file.
On May 11, HUD released translated versions of the new VAWA Forms. These include:

Owner/agents must develop and implement a VAWA Emergency Transfer Plan, (may use HUD Form 5381 as a sample), no later than June 14, 2017

Our next VAWA class (online), scheduled on July 11, 2017, provides detailed information about HUD's VAWA requirements and provides sample policies and supporting forms for your review.  This class has been designed to help you complete a checkup to make sure your practices comply with requirements as described in HUD's Final Rule.