TRACS User Recertification

Mandatory TRACS User Certification

Maintain TRACS and iMAX Access

Do you submit TRACS files to HUD? TRACS files include Tenant Certification Records (50059/50059A) and Voucher Records (52670).

If the answer is yes, this means a Secure Systems (WASS) Coordinator or User has access to iMAX and the TRACS database. 

On September 1, 2017, HUD introduced new security requirements for TRACS Users. Before December 31, 2017, one of the property TRACS Coordinators must certify each TRACS User. Certified TRACS Users will continue to be able to send TRACS files, access TRACS queries and receive TRACS messages. 

There must be a TRACS Coordinator or a Certified TRACS User associated with the property in order to send the TRACS tenant and voucher files so that the property can be paid.

HUD recently hosted a complimentary online training to explain the TRACS Recertification process. The property Coordinator should view this training to understand the steps that must be completed to recertify each TRACS User. 

In order to assist our customers who are WASS Coordinators, RBD has developed a “Quick Start” for TRACS User Recertification. This provides step-by-step instructions to assist Coordinators in the TRACS User recertification process.

Links to the training, the Q&A and the Mandatory TRACS User Recertification Quick Start are available on our Resources Web site at

Don’t delay! Completing this process now will ensure that your TRACS processing will not be interrupted. 

Questions relative to the FY 2017 TRACS User Recertification requirement should be addressed to or the HUD Helpdesk at 1-800-767-7588.