Your December 2017 Voucher & TRACS

At this point, most of you have submitted the December 2017 HAP voucher (HUD Form 52670). 

As we reported earlier this year, HUD is now checking vouchers to make sure the appropriate DUNS Number and Tax Identification Number are included in the electronic record transmitted to HUD. 

In addition, we have become aware that HUD has updated some property Project Numbers. 

Because a few vouchers were rejected as a result of this change, HUD has turned off the Project Number "edit" until the issue can be resolved. 

If you submitted a voucher and received a VF001 error that indicates the voucher was not processed or a VF121 error that indicates the voucher was rejected because the Project Number is incorrect, try re-submitting the voucher again. You should not have to change the Project Number at this time. (If you do not know how to re-submit the voucher, please contact your software support team.)

Most Section 8 properties report to a Contract Administrator (CA) who is responsible for monitoring the TRACS transmission to ensure that vouchers are recorded correctly. 

However, some Section 8 contracts are set up to report directly to HUD. RAD properties, 202/811 PRAC properties, 202 PAC properties, Rent Supp and RAP properties (to name a few) also submit TRACS files directly to HUD in Washington, D.C. 

If you transmit directly to HUD, we strongly recommend that you check the TRACS Voucher Query to make sure that your voucher was processed successfully.

To check the TRACS Voucher Query:

  1. Log in to Secure Systems using your Unique User ID and Password
  2. Click on the Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System (TRACS)
  3. Click on Voucher/Tenant Queries
  4. Click on Voucher Query
  5. Enter the appropriate Contract Number

If your December voucher was recorded and the status is P00 or P10, everything is good.

If your voucher is missing, you should check your TRACS Mailbox to see if you have received any errors.