2018 Cyber Awareness Challenge

Web Access Secure Systems (WASSS) Users and Coordinators who access HUD’s Enterprise Income Verification System (EIV) or the Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System (TRACS) are required to complete the Cyber Awareness Challenge each year. 

Staff involved with certification who don’t have access to EIV, are required to complete this training as well (if they have access to tenant files that contain EIV reports)

You are responsible for setting up some sort of a reminder to ensure you take the required training once each year.   

The Cyber Awareness Challenge Version 2018 version can be found at https://iatraining.disa.mil/eta/disa_cac2018/launchPage.htm

The next time you are due to complete your annual Cyber Awareness Challenge, utilize the DoD Employee course version - Cyber Awareness Challenge Department of Defense Version

With this version, you will be able to save your training completion certificate so that you can store it electronically.