Homeless and Move-On Preference Technical Assistance: Request for Interest (RFI)

Apply for Technical Assistance to Promote the Homeless and Move-On Preferences in HUD Multifamily Assisted Housing

HUD has issued a new RHIIP ListServ encouraging Multifamily Housing owner/agents, HUD Continuums of Care, State Housing Agencies, and Communities to implement a Homeless or Move-On Preference

The goal is to make more subsidized apartments available to individuals and families experiencing homelessness or who are transitioning out of permanent supportive housing designated for formerly homeless households.

The full RFI and short application can be found on HUD’s web site at http://www.tacinc.org/knowledge-resources/homeless-technical-assistance-request-for-interest/

Additional Management Fees

HUD Multifamily Regional Centers/Satellite Offices may approve both a Special and an Add-On Management Fee to help cover costs associated with establishing and managing a Homeless Preference.

The Special Startup Fee rate is $2.50 per unit per month (PUPM) for up to 9 months – with a maximum of $4,500 per property. 

A Special Add-On Fee of $2 PUPM (not to exceed $3,600 per property per year) may be available as long as one previously-homeless individual or household is admitted to a particular property during a one-year period. 

Read the 2016 memo Allowable Special and Add-on Management Fees to Implement a Homeless Preference to obtain additional information about these fees.

The Details

Owner/agents are given wide latitude in tailoring Homeless Preferences - both with regard to who is served and what percentage of units or vacancies are subject to the preference.

At RBD, we have assisted many customers in their efforts to establish a Homeless Preference and help HUD achieve their goal to reduce homelessness. 

Some owner/agents have adopted a preference for certain units. When taking this approach, be sure the units are scattered around the property and include a mix of accessible units and standard units and a mix of unit sizes. 

Other owner/agents have established a percentage goal - much like the Income Targeting percentage goals (e.g. no less than 5% of the units that are made available in any fiscal year will be offered to applicants with a Homeless Preference before being offered to other applicants on the waiting list).

Others customers have implemented the preference based on turnover (e.g. every 10th vacant unit is offered to the next applicant with a Homeless Preference before being offered to any other applicants).

I don’t want to seem to over-simplify the process; it does take some thought. As with any other preference, owner/agents must consider the needs of all applicants and residents including, but not limited to, the needs of residents/applicants who require accessible units, victims of VAWA crimes and applicants who qualify for Statutory, HUD, State, and Local Preferences. 


HUD issued HSG Notice 2013-21 Implementation And Approval Of Owner-Adopted Admissions Preferences For Individuals Or Families Experiencing Homelessness

HUD has also provided a Toolkit Opening Doors Through Multifamily Housing Toolkit for Implementing A Homeless Preference that provides step-by-step guidance to implement a homeless preference, allowing eligible, currently homeless households to move to the top of a property’s waiting list.

RFI Application and Timeline

  • The short RFI application is due by Monday, March 5, 2018.
  • The technical assistance will begin in April 2018 and end in October 2018.
Eligible applicants include: Continuums of Care, Multifamily housing owners and property management companies, state housing finance agencies, and state housing departments.