HUD Posts New

Residents Rights and Responsibilities Brochure

In July of 2016, some of you started noticing that there was a new Resident Rights and Responsibilities Brochure posted on the HUD web site.

Since then, two versions of the Resident Rights and Responsibilities Brochure have been available for use. The original version and a new updated version

Back in 2016, quite a few of you contacted RBD asking which version to use. We contacted HUD asking for clarification and received the following response.

"The newer brochure that is available online may be used by owners in the interim as it's more up to date than the old version. Once we get the approval for GPO printing, then we'll send a RHIIP Listserv to notify O/As."

HUD subsequently clarified that owner/agents may use either version until the new version is approved for printing.

On March 8, 2018 HUD issued RHIIP Listserv Posting 406 -- Release of Updated Resident Rights and Responsibilities Brochure announcing that the new version has been officially released and is available to download and print.

Owner/agents should stop using the old (purple) version of the brochure and should start using the new (pink) version of the brochure. 

The brochure can be found on HUD's web site at or which is the link included on the RHIIP ListServ.

The new English version of the brochure is also posted on HUD’s LEP web site at note, as of today, the alternative language versions of the Resident Rights and Responsibilities Brochure are being updated and do not yet include the new language.

The new Resident Rights and Responsibilities Brochure provides some much-needed updates. HUD:

  • Describes additional rights for residents
  • Includes the new protected classes introduced with the Equal Access Rule
  • Reminds residents that they have a responsibility to notify owner/agents of changes in a timely manner
  • Expands information about residents' rights to be involved
  • References more HUD programs including the RAD program
  • Provides additional information about Enhanced Vouchers
  • Updates information about HUD resources and contacts 

The Resident’s Rights and Responsibilities brochure is provided: 

  • Move-in
  • Annual Recertification