EIV HUD Working to Resolve Data Issues

Yesterday, HUD issued RHIIP ListServ 411 after Industry Stakeholders reported problems with some of the EIV Reports.

HUD explained that, in some cases, EIV is missing data and in other cases, EIV is providing “old” data. 

The HUD Development Team is working to correct these EIV issues and will alert Industry Stakeholders as soon as the issue is resolved. 

HUD advises owner/agents to refer to Chapter 5-13 of HH 4350.3 for alternatives, but don’t forget, we have the option of using the Streamlined method to calculate a resident's Social Security Income.

For additional information about Streamlined Determination of Fixed Income, review HUD’s HSG Notice 16-09 Streamlining Administrative Regulations for Multifamily Housing Programs.

This is how Streamlined Determination of Fixed Income works. 

First, if you are working on an AR (or IR), be sure to print the EIV Income Summary Report, the EIV Income Report and the EIV Income Discrepancy Report. Review them and address any errors or discrepancies as usual. 

If the data in EIV is missing or if the data is “old”, make a note on the EIV Report explaining why you did not use EIV as described in your EIV Use Policy. Reference RHIIP ListServ 411. For example:

Could not use EIV for verification of SSA. EIV System Issues. See RHIIP ListServ 411.


Income Information was not current in EIV – See RHIIP ListServ 411.Alternatively, you can use our sample document Verification Exception - No EIV form to make a note to the file. 

Be sure to file these EIV Reports in the Tenant File.

The following methods can be used to determine Social Security Income when EIV is not available.

Streamlined Determination of Fixed Income

When using Streamlined Determination of Fixed Income, check the file to see if EIV or 3rd party verification was obtained in 2017. If yes,

  • Make a Copy of the 2017 SS verification information
  • Go to https://www.ssa.gov/news/press/releases/2017/#10-2017-1 and print the 2018 COLA FACT Sheet for the tenant file
  • Calculate the new income by adding the COLA increase for 2018
  • File copy of the 2017 verification and the 2018 COLA Fact Sheet in the tenant fileMySSA.gov As a third option, owner/agents may verify SS income by using information from a current Award Letter (no more than 120 days old from the date of receipt). Residents can request a copy of their award notice from the Social Security Administration by calling 800-772-1213 (TTY 800-325-0778) or by contacting the local office. Find your local office at https://www.ssa.gov/agency/contact/ RBD Training
  • Request Directly From SSA
  • Another option is to ask your resident if they are currently signed up for My SSA.GOV If the answer is “Yes”, then you can ask the resident to provide you with a current printout from their SSA Account. 
Mary Ross will be discussing Streamlined Determination of Fixed Income along with Streamlined Verification of Assets and Streamlined Certification of Fixed Income Families (FAST Act) at future trainings.