iMAX/TRACSMail ID -New Password Information

If you send TRACS Files or if you receive TRACS error messages, this HUDBlast is very important. 

HUD has announced new security information for your iMAX/TRACSMail IDs. This new information can be found on HUD’s TRACS web site at

Your TRACS Mailbox (iMAX/TRACSMail ID) is used to identify the owner, management company, property, service bureau or Contract Administrator associated with TRACS certification and voucher file transmissions. 

These iMAX/TRACSMail IDs (TRACMXXXX) must be kept secure.  In order to do so, profile information, including information about who is authorized to reset passwords, is part of the iMAX/TRACSMail ID setup.

There are any number of situations where someone may need to reset their iMAX/TRACSMail ID password. (e.g. an employee leaves your organization)

There are also situations where you may need to reactivate an inactive iMAX/TRACSMail ID because it has not been used for a while.

Because it is not common to reset an iMAX/TRACSMail ID password, users often forget their password.

Currently, when setting up an iMAX/TRACSMail Profile, there are fields that allow you to provide information about the person responsible for the iMAX/TRACSMail ID. This person is referred to as the Point of Contact (POC).

Help Desk staff reference this information when someone requests a password reset for an iMAX/TRACSMail ID.

HUD has determined that identifying a single POC may not be sufficient. As a result, back-up POC fields – as well as a PIN for each POC – have been added to the User Profile. This will improve security and ensure that passwords reset requests are granted only when authorized POCs request them.

HUD encourages industry partners to take the following steps to ensure every effort is made to protect iMAX/TRACSMail account information.

Step 1: 

  1. Sign in to Secure Systems (WASS) using your unique User ID (e.g. M-ID) and password
  2. From the WASS Main Menu, click on the iMAX option
  3. Access Your Account to Update Your TRACM Number Profile

You will need to know your current iMAX/TRACSMail ID and password.

If you do know your TRACM Number and your password, continue to Step 2. 

If you do know your TRACM Number but do not know your password, you can submit a request to Reset Your Password. 

Submit your request to Reset Your Password on company/firm/organization letterhead to:

Help Desk staff will use the following protocols to validate user password reset requests:

  1. Validate User Name
  2. Validate User Title
  3. Validate Organization
  4. Validate User Firm Name
  5. Validate User Firm Address
  6. Validate User Email Address
  7. Validate Personal Identification Number (PIN)

MFH Help Desk will ONLY use the password reset request submitted on company, firm, or organization letterhead to reset an existing password to users via email address located in the iMAX User Profile tab.

If the user associated with your iMAX/TRACSMail ID no longer works for your organization, Help Desk staff will escalate the request for research to determine if a new iMAX/TRACSMail ID will be issued.

NOTE: As a reminder, each user must have a unique WASS ID and password.  Sharing is not allowed (e.g. colleagues sharing office space must never share each other’s password to gain system access). Refer to the Rules of Behavior for TRACS and Multifamily Housing Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) system, Appendix A, Section 2.

Step 2: 

Update Your Account - iMAX TRACM IDs

  1. Enter your iMAX/TRACSMail ID and password
  2. Select iMAX User Profile tab to and update the following information:
  • First Name/Last Name
  • Description 2 (owner, property management agent, Traditional Contract Administrator (TCA), Performance Based Contract Administrator (PBCA), Service Bureau, etc.)
  • Title
  • Organization
  • Street Address 1
  • Street Address 2
  • City
  • U.S. State or Territory
  • Foreign State or Territory
  • U.S. Zip Code
  • Country
  • Foreign Postal Code
  • Telephone Number
  • FAX Number
  • Email Address
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) (The PIN must be numeric, between 6 and 10 digits, and cannot be all 0s, 1s, 2s, ..., 9s.)
Complete the new Secondary Point of Contact (POC) fields which have been added in the event that the Primary (POC) is not available:
  •  First Name
  •  Last Name
  •  Email Address
  •  Personal Identification Number (PIN) (The PIN must be numeric, between 6 and 10 digits, and cannot be all 0s, 1s, 2s, ..., 9s.)

Please refer to HUD’s announcement located at for additional information.