Where Did it Go?

One of the EIV Income Discrepancy Reports Has Disappeared!

Owner/agents are required to review and, if necessary, resolve any discrepancies in income reported on the Income Discrepancy Report - following the guidance in HUD Handbook 4350.3, Revision 1, Change 4, Chapter 7 and Chapter 9.  

There has been a little confusion about what to do with the EIV Income Discrepancy Report because there are two EIV Income Discrepancy Reports. 

One appears on the EIV Menu (under Verification Reports) and is used by HUD. HUD has discovered that many owner/agents were printing this report and including it in the property Master File. The EIV Income Discrepancy Report is not a Master File Report. (See HH 4350.3 R1, C4, Exhibit 9-5).

To avoid confusion and to ensure the security of resident personal identifiers, the Income Discrepancy Report previously listed under the Verification Reports has been removed so that only one Income Discrepancy Report is available to EIV Users with the HSC or HSU role. 

The second EIV Income Discrepancy Report, which is used by property managers, can be found under Income Information when you choose to view Income Reports by Contract Number, Project Number or HOH Social Security Number.

Owner/agents are required to review this Income Discrepancy Report, along with other EIV Income Reports, within 90 days of transmission of the Move-in and during Annual and Interim Recertification. 

By removing the Income Discrepancy Report option on the EIV menu, there should be less confusion about which report to review.