Tips to Help You Quickly Find Answers to the Most Common Questions

Recently, Ross Business Development has been receiving an unusually high number of questions concerning EIV, TRACS and iMAX. Our experience over the years tells us that with every question we receive from our clients, there are many more of you struggling with the same issues, but just haven’t asked.

While we know we can’t answer everyone’s questions, we thought now would be a good time to send along a few tips. What follows are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

EIV Coordinators: If you are an EIV Coordinator, step-by-step instructions for giving access and certifying users are available on our web site. Go to and click on the EIV Quick Start. 

It is taking a little longer than normal for HUD to certify or re-certify Coordinators so be sure to submit those papers and/or electronic Authorization Forms as early as possible. 

EIV Users: If you are an EIV User and you are getting the message “No Contracts Assigned to this User” you are not currently certified and your Coordinator must certify you. The Help Desk only certifies Coordinators. Coordinators must certify their users. 

EIV Error: OAs are required to review EIV Income Reports within 90 days of submission of Move-in transactions, when completing Annual Certifications and when completing Interim Certifications. If you get a message stating “A current 50059 was not found for Social Security Number xxxxxxxxx”, either

  1. The most recent certification has not been accepted in TRACS or
  2. The Social Security Number is wrong 

Just because you sent a certification does not mean that it was recorded correctly in the TRACS database. Sign-in to Secure Systems, access the Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System (TRACS) and use the TRACS Certification Query to find out why EIV cannot find the 50059 data.

TRACS Access: If you are trying to get access to TRACS, step-by-step instructions for getting access are available on our web site. 

Go to and click on the Quick Start Guide.

TRACS Errors: If you are using TRACS and you are having trouble understanding various error messages, go to HUD’s TRACS web site at and click on the 202D MAT Guide Appendices that explain each individual error. This may help you understand what corrections need to be submitted to TRACS.

TRACS Rules of Behavior: If you did not print your TRACS Rules of Behavior when prompted and you are preparing for an MOR, you can obtain a copy from the HUD/TRACS web site at  You will need to sign and file this copy so that you can provide it to any reviewers during your MOR.

The Cyber Awareness Challenge: If you have not taken the Cyber Awareness Challenge in the last year, you must complete the 2019 Cyber Awareness Challenge that is available at Each TRACS User/Coordinator and each EIV User/Coordinator must complete the Challenge at least once a year. If you have staff that does not have access to HUD’s Secure Systems but those staff members have access to the EIV reports in the tenant file, then that staff must complete the EIV Rules of Behavior ( and that staff must complete the Cyber Awareness Challenge each year.

If you have additional questions, use the following email addresses to submit your questions to HUD. Please know that the HUD staff are working hard to provide a quick and accurate response to your inquiries.




Each email should include only the following information:

  1. A brief description of the issue,
  2. Contract or Project #,
  3. Contract Unit # (if it is a certification issues) and/or Voucher ID (if it is a voucher issue)
  4. Contact information of the user (email & telephone #). 
NOTE: DO NOT include any Personal Identity information (e.g., SSNs, birthdates, etc.) in emails - this includes on the Move-out Request form. Leave the SSN portion blank.