Additional Resources

This page provides documents or checklists developed by RBD to assist affordable housing professionals in their efforts to maintain compliance with HUD’s Multifamily Housing rules.

RBD – Income Inclusions and Exclusions
A list of income inclusions and exclusions is included as Exhibit 5-1 in Chapter 5 of HH 4350.3.  Since the release of the Handbook in 2013, HUD has provided new income inclusions and exclusions that are not explained in the Handbook.  This list was created to assist affordable property managers understand current income inclusions and exclusions based on guidance provided through 2/2022.
NoteToFile No3rdParty ExtenCircumstance
This is a sample standardized note to the tenant file explaining why the resident file does not contain 3rd party verification.  OAs must attempt 3rd party verification before accepting family self-certification.  See HH 4350.3 R1, C4 Paragraph 5-13.  Rather than write a note every time, property managers can attach this note to the certification.
No to File – Certification Submitted without Signature
Use this Note to document the tenant file explaining why a certification was submitted without tenant signature and when the tenant signature will be provided.
Verification Assets Review of Documents Direct Express
Use this form to document review of documents and explanation of why the Direct Express Card was not photocopied, and why there is not a copy in the Tenant file.