Owner Signature Requirements for COVID-19 Supplemental Payment (CSP) Request Form

We received the following clarification from HUD this morning. I wanted to make sure everyone who submitted a request for CSP funds completed the form correctly. Please contact your Contract Administrator or HUD Account Executive (as appropriate) if you have any questions.

The COVID-19 Supplemental Payment (CSP) Request Form (OMB # 2502-0619) MUST be signed by an individual with legal authority.

The signature Line 29, Owner/Owner Agent Signature requires signature by a recognized property owner or an individual who has previously received legal signature authority to commit the Owner to the terms of the CSP request. This includes the ability to commit the owner to conditions on owner distributions through July 30, 2021. 

If your initial submission was not signed by the owner or a legally authorized agent (usually provided by a board resolution or other legal delegation), HUD will allow a submission of the same CSP form with an authorized signature until COB on August 12, 2020.