HUD Announces New 2024 Income Limits

On April 1, 2024, HUD released the 2024 Income Limits for HUD programs. 

To access the new income limits, visit the HUDUser website at:

For HUD's Multifamily Housing program, the new 2024 Income limits are effective immediately.

Property managers should remember that, for HUD's Multifamily Housing programs, Income Limits are considered only at move-in and, in very limited cases, when creating the Initial Certification. If you have an existing resident who is receiving subsidy, these new income limits do not affect that existing resident's eligibility. The resident family will continue to receive subsidy. Do not terminate assistance when a current assisted resident's income exceeds the income limit.

See HUD Handbook 4350.3, Paragraph 3-4.

Income Limits are not reviewed at AR or IR. However, any new certifications will include the new income limits on page 2 of the 50059.

If you have already extended a unit offer and your new resident's income exceeds the new income limit, you can still honor that unit offer and move the resident into your unit. You will need to document the tenant file appropriately. See HUD's RHIIP ListServ 293 issued in 2012.

New Income Limits must be entered into your software program. In most cases, this means that you will need to update the income limit tables in your site software. Check your income limit tables and if the new 2024 limits are different, update pertinent fields. 

If you don't know how to check your income limits, refer to your software documentation, your software vendor's web resources, or call your software vendor's customer support number.



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