Our FASTForms packages are designed to provide you with comprehensive policies designed to document options your compliance team should consider when developing new rules.  Your staff (and legal counsel when approprite) may choose which options to keep, which options to delete and which options to modify.  We don't stop there.  Each FASTForms package also includes supporting documents to help your staff track compliance (checklists) and communicate with applicants and residents as appropriate.

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Form CategoryForms Offered
EIV Policies & ProceduresEnterprise Income Verification System FASTForms CD
House RulesHouse Rules FASTForms CD
HUD 4350.3 Rev-1, Chg-4 HandbookHUD 4350.3 Rev-1, Chg-4 Handbook
MOR BinderMOR Binder FASTForms CD
PBRA RAD ConversionPBRA RAD Conversion
Reasonable Accommodation & ModificationReasonable Accommodation & Modification FASTForms CD
Tenant Selection PlansTenant Selection Plan - 202 PRAC & 811 PRAC, Tenant Selection Plan - 202/8, Tenant Selection Plan - Section 8 Family & Section 8 Elderly, Tenant Selection Plan Section 8 PBRA RAD