Areas of Interest

Looking for a particular form to suit your needs? We have hundreds to choose from!  To help you find just the right one, we organized them based on areas of interest.

Click on the area of interest that most closely matches your need.

Annual Recertification

AR notices, verifications, and files checklists necessary to support the AR process.

EIV - Electronic Income Verification

EIV policies, checklists, and notices, including notices for tenants reporting zero income.

Gross Rent Change

Worksheets and tenant notices required to be compliant with HUD's rent and utility allowance change process.

House Rules

A comprehensive House Rules template (for HUD properties) and supporting documents necessary to enforce the lease and the House Rules.

Interim Recertification

IR notices, verifications, and files checklists necessary to support the IR process.


Everything Else!

MOR Binder

Policy templates (Maintenance Policy, Security Policy, Rent Collection Policy, Document Storage Policy, Training Policy, etc.), checklists and other documents necessary to demonstrate compliance when responding to questions asked during the Management & Occupancy Review.

Move In

Resident notices, checklists, sample lease addendums and verification documents necessary to complete a move-in under HUD’s Multifamily Housing Rules.

Move Out / Termination

Resident notices and checklists necessary to complete a move-out or termination under HUD’s Multifamily Housing Rules.


This is a collection of our most requested resident/applicant notices.  These include notices used during the application process, lease violation notices, and termination notices. 

PBRA RAD Conversion

Documents, checklists, notices, questionnaires and other documents necessary to facilitate a conversion to PBRA RAD.

Pet & Assistance Animals

Pet Rule template for properties servicing seniors and people with disabilities, Pet Rule template for family properties and No Pets Rule template for family properties.  Assistance Animal Rules are incorporated in to each policy template.

Policy Templates

RBD’s comprehensive sample policies are designed to assist you in developing your own polices and procedures. These policy templates are created in Microsoft Word which allows you to customize them according to your company guidelines. They also include notes from RBD that will be beneficial to you in your policy development.

RAM - Reasonable Accommodation & Modification

Comprehensive RAM policy template, request-specific verifications, checklists and other documents to help you manage the RAM process.

Repayment Agreement

These forms assist you in establishing a repayment agreement policy including standard repayment agreements, repayment agreements for zero income tenants and supporting forms.

TSP - Tenant Selection Plans

Tenant Selection Plan templates for Section 8 Family & Elderly; 202 PRAC & 811 PRAC; 202/8 and Section 8 PBRA RAD.  These forms include various checklists and resident notices to support the Tenant Selection process.

Unit Transfer

Unit Transfer/Split Household Policy template with supporting checklists and resident notices necessary to support the Unit Transfer process.

VAWA - Violence Against Women Act

Comprehensive VAWA Policy template (includes a VAWA Emergency Transfer (VET) Policy), resident notices and other forms/checklists necessary to support the VAWA Policy.


Self-Certification and Verification sample forms.