I'm guessing by now you've seen it all, and hundreds of times! Emails from every business, organization, institution, church, government entity, you name it. Everyone wants to tell you that they are aware of the situation, following the latest guidelines, and they are there for you (with limited staff, shortened hours, fewer products and services and, of course, extra diligence to protect you and their business). 

We at RBD are limiting outside contact, coughing into the crook of our elbows, practicing social distancing and preparing for the worst while hoping for the best! 

For those of you who registered for our HUD Today 2020 classes in Detroit and Columbus, you already know that those classes have been postponed. And yes Boston, you are next. We are hopeful (see above), that our classes in Chicago, St. Paul and St. Louis will go on as planned. But the truth is we have no idea! What we do know is that almost 90% of our clients who have registered for classes currently postponed, have asked to stay on our rosters in hopes of getting rescheduled later this year. 

Should 2020 and instructor-led training become mutually exclusive, we will be working on converting the HUD Today class to a four-session online training offering. But we would much rather see you all in person! 

We have added a COVID-19 (Coronavirus) resource page with a lot of good information (and free sample notices and forms which can be used to address changes to recertifications processes). That new page is available now. 

We developed a new RBD Online Training Workshop "Handling Recertifications in a Changing Environment". This class is designed to answer your questions about rent payments, repayment agreement payments, verification, annual recertification and interim recertification. The class sold out in four days. 

To meet the demand, we have scheduled two more sessions on March 31st and April 2nd. Registration is open on our website now. 

Some suggestions: Forward a copy of your class confirmation email to your personal email address, in case you're asked by local authorities to stay home. You can always take the class from home. 

Test your connection using the link in your confirmation email and sign in to the class early. Class opens 15 minutes before the start time. Internet usage is at an all time high and there have been some issues with connectivity. Once class starts there's no way to stop and troubleshoot. 


Finally, thanks to all of you.
We are blessed with the best clients anyone could ask for and you are greatly appreciated.