HUD Guidance Regarding

EIV Income Reports

Yesterday, HUD released RHIIP Listserv 450 providing much needed guidance explaining what owner/agents should do if you run EIV Income Reports (AR, IR, 90 Days Post MI) and find that EIV includes old data or data is missing. 

HUD knows that a number of EIV users are experiencing problems when attempting to use EIV reports. This is not happening for all properties, but it is an issue for some properties.  

HUD is working to correct the problem.  

Please do not stop printing the EIV Income Reports:

  • 90 Days After Submission of a MI/IC or IR adding a new family member
  • Before completing any AR or IR 

Even if data is old or missing, copies of these reports must be included in the tenant file. A copy of the RHIIP Listserv message should accompany the retained reports for explanatory purposes.  

We have created a sample “Note to File” and posted this form on our web site so that you have a standard form to use when documenting the file. You can find this sample form on our web site Resources page at

If one of your resident’s data is affected and you cannot use EIV to verify Social Security Income because income is missing or outdated, you have a couple of choices:

  • Residents can provide an award/benefit letter that is no more than 120 days old – Also see HH 4350.3 Paragraph 9-6 for guidance about applying the COLA
  • Owner/agents may use Streamlined Verification by:
  1. Printing out a copy of the SSA Cola Fact Sheet showing the 2021 COLA increase
  2. Calculating the new income
  3. Attaching that Fact Sheet to last year’s verification for the tenant file (EIV printout, 2020 award letter, etc.) 

Note: See HUD HSG Notice 16-09 Streamlining Administrative Regulations for Multifamily Housing Programs for additional information. 

Employment and employment income can be verified by contacting the employer directly, collecting a requisite number of pay stubs or by accepting resident self-certification. See additional information in HH 4350.3 Paragraph 5-13 for specific instructions. You can also find additional forms to help you document the tenant file on our COVID-19 Resources Page.  

Unemployment income can be verified by asking the resident to provide their unemployment compensation notification.  

If EIV indicates that there is an income discrepancy, check the income detail report and make sure that any employment or income indicated in EIV was reported accurately.  

HUD will advise when the issue has been corrected. 

To access RHIIP Listserv Archives, visit HUD’s RHIIP web site at 

Join us for the RBD Online Training Workshop EIV Basics. This two-part workshop provides a “soup-to-nuts” explanation of how you’re supposed to use EIV. See below for class dates. 

For a complete collection of EIV policies, supporting notices and checklists, visit our FASTForms web site at