REAC Inspections to Resume June 1, 2021

Scott Precourt, over at US Housing Consultants, just sent us new information about REAC Inspections. 

The UPCS Physical Inspections (REAC Inspections) will fully resume beginning on June 1, 2021. 

REAC will expand the 14-day Notice Of Inspection to 28-days

HUD intends to prioritize high-risk properties and will inform affected owners beginning Monday, April 26. 

  • HUD has consulted with the CDC to ensure proper COVID-19 safety protocols.
  • HUD will NOT require inspectors to be vaccinated. HUD has offered the inspectors an opportunity to be vaccinated as early as next week through an agreement with the Veterans Administration.
  • REAC will no longer be consulting the COVID-19 "heat map" to assess COVID transmission risk but will monitor local conditions.
  • If a tenant refuses admission to the unit, the inspector will choose another unit to inspect.
  • REAC will also begin NSPIRE inspections at properties that are participating in the NSPIRE demo. (Note: These inspections will not be scored as per the demo agreement. Public housing units will also not be scored.) 

We expect the formal notice from HUD to be posted later this week or early next week.