TRACS/EIV Cyber Awareness Challenge

Thanks to all of you who contacted us to let us know that you are having issues accessing the Cyber Awareness Challenge

HUD is aware of the issue and is working to address it. 

As soon as we receive a notification that it is fixed, we will let you know. 

In the interim and in absence of formal guidance, if it has been a year since you completed the training, you may want to include a "print screen" showing that you attempted to access the training and it was not available. When the error is addressed, you should take the training immediately. 

Completion of the Cyber Awareness Challenge is required yearly for:

  • TRACS Users
  • TRACS Coordinators
  • EIV Users
  • EIV Coordinators
  • Staff that do not have access to EIV, but who have access to EIV reports (tenant files)