In December 2021, we sent a HUDBlast letting the industry know that Mark and I will be retiring as of February 28, 2022. As RBD enters our 21st year, we’ve decided it’s time to step back. Our careers serving the multifamily housing world have been wonderful and rewarding and we will miss all of you, our clients; you have become our good friends over the years.  

Mark, Jennifer and I have received several questions about what is happening to RBD and which services will continue. I wanted to take a minute and give you a brief synopsis of our plans for 2022. 

The RBD OnDemand training will continue to be updated and available for the foreseeable future. We plan to add new classes in the next few months. These classes are available for 5 days and can be paused, restarted and repeated during those five days. With the increase of staff turnover and the number of staff that are new to HUD, we want to make sure training resources are available when you need them. These are not recordings of live classes, but rather class curriculum designed to be taken “on demand”. RBD will continue to respond to questions about training sent to the email address.  

The RBD FASTForms library will continue to be updated and available for the foreseeable future. Policy templates, sample notices, verification forms and checklists will continue to be available for use on HUD Multifamily Housing properties. RBD will continue to respond to questions about FASTForms sent to the email address.  

The RBD Resources Page which includes links to HUD sites, FASTFacts related to daily compliance, and the individual resource pages, including but not limited to, EIV Resources, TRACS Resources, and RAD Resources will continue to be available. 

We will continue to issue the HUDBlast when there is news about HUD’s occupancy requirements.  

However, Mark and I will not be in the office and the will no longer be a valid email address used to contact Mary. 

What will we be doing? 

First on the agenda is to head to the mountains the first week in March. Then redecorating the house, spring planting, horseback riding, getting back in shape, spending time with family and old friends…oh, the list is long. 

We look forward to our next adventure.  

We want all of you to know that it truly has been an honor and a pleasure.