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Multifamily Housing Website
HUD's Federal Housing Administration (FHA) "Office of Multifamily Housing Programs" is responsible for the overall management, development, direction and administration of HUD's Multifamily Housing Programs. You can learn more about our functions and responsibilities and the offices which compose Multifamily Housing from the "About Multifamily Business" section of our website.
HUD’s Multifamily Housing Commonly Used Acronyms
This is a list of commonly used acronyms for HUD’s Multifamily Housing programs. 
HUD Account Executives by Region
A complete listing of Account Executives for each region by apartment name.
HUD Local Office Directory
A complete listing of local HUD offices.
HUD By State
This page provides you with information about HUD activities in each individual state.  Resources include newsletters, specific area guidance and more.
HUD Clips
This page provides links to all of HUD's Forms, guides, handbooks, etc.  HUD Forms HUDClips provides you with access to all of HUD's Forms.  These forms are sorted by number.
Limited English Proficient Guidance
This website is for the use of HUD program offices, HUD funded recipients, other Federal Agencies working with HUD, and advocacy groups working with limited English proficient (LEP) populations. It provides guidance to HUD's own program staff to follow to ensure that LEP persons have meaningful access to HUD programs and activities.
HUD's LEP Website
Some of HUD's forms, brochures, and other literature have been translated to help you comply with HUD's Limited English Proficiency requirements.  This page provides links to translated forms.
HUD Housing Notices
This page provides links to Notices issued by HUD.
HUD Housing Handbooks
This page provides links to HUD's Housing Handbooks.
HUD Guides
This page provides links to HUD's Guides such as the Special Claims Guide and the Section 8 Contract Renewal Guide
Fair Housing Handbooks
This page provides links to HUD's Fair Housing Handbooks
What's New on HUDClips
This site provides links to recent HUDClips postings
HUD Direct Distribution Center
HUD's Direct Distribution Center provides documents to the public, HUD clients, and employees. Materials distributed include publications, handbooks, forms, posters; and mortgagee letters, ethics letters, Title 1 letters, and labor relations letters. Order the EIV and You Brochure, HUD FACT Sheets and Resident's Rights and Responsibilities brochures from the DDC.  You can also order Handbooks from the DDC.  Most items can be viewed on-line and are available to download 24 hours per day. Some items must be mailed and will arrive in 7 to 10 business days. The following information is required to access the system: 
User Name: Guest
Password: Welcome
Also, requests are accepted by telephone. You can contact DDC Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET at (800) 767-7468.
WASS / Secure Systems
Access to HUD's Secure Systems and associated documentation.
Rental Housing Integrity Improvement Project
The Rental Housing Integrity Improvement Project (RHIIP) is in response to one item on the President's Management Agenda. The objective of RHIIP is to reduce errors in the administration of HUD's rental assistance funds by taking actions that better assure the "right benefits go to the right persons".
Income Limits
The HUDUser website provides information about Income Limits and other datasets.
Fair Market Rent
The HUDUser website provides information about Fair Market Rent and other datasets.
Real Estate Assessment Center
REAC centralized the assessment of all HUD housing into a single, state-of-the-art organization. With the assistance of partners representing public housing agencies and multifamily owners, resident groups, lenders and appraisers, REAC designed totally new systems based on a paperless, e-business model.
REAC Scores by State
This page allows you to see your REAC property scores.
Federal Register Notices--HUD's Final Rule
This page provides links to HUD's Final Rules
Fair Housing Logo
This page provides different electronic versions of HUD's fair housing logo
Toolkit for Implementing a Homeless Preference
This toolkit contains step-by-step guidance that a community can use in bringing service providers and multifamily property owners together to serve the needs of those who are homeless or leaving homelessness.  Please remember that you must obtain HUD approval before implementing a homeless preference.
Section 8 Property Search
Access Lists of Section 8 Properties by state, property name, city, apartment type or a number of bedrooms.
HUD Webcasts
A webcast is a video you can watch right from your computer screen. HUD offers live webcasts and an archive of previously aired training sessions and programs. To watch a webcast, you need a computer capable of playing sound, a connection to the Internet that is at least 28.8Kbs, and a video player.
 HUD FACT Sheets - How Your Rent is Determined
This FACT Sheet must be provided at MI and at each annual certification (based on program type). Provided in multiple languages
This FACT Sheet must be provided at MI and at each annual certification. This new version may change once approved by the printing office.
The EIV & You brochure must be provided when an applicant reaches the top of the waiting list and at each annual recertification.  This brochure can also be ordered by contacting HUD’s Direct Distribution Center.
 HUD Form 1121 Is Fraud Worth It? (2005)
This form is NOT required. However, many owner/agents opt to provide the form at application, MI and/or annual certification.
Alternative Form from the Office of the Inspector General (2003) Is Fraud Worth It?
This form is NOT required. However, many owner/agents opt to provide the form at application, MI and/or annual certification. 
 Language ID Cards …"I Speak"
Make these cards available in your management office to assist with determining what language your applicants and residents speak when they have limited English proficiency.
Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
TRACS Web Page:
TRACS is a HUD computer system developed to help improve financial controls over assisted housing programs by automating manual procedures and incorporating automated controls. 
 REAC Physical Inspections Query:
The purpose of this page is to provide public access to the scheduling activities of physical inspections for HUD-held properties.