TRACS Websites 
RBD FASTFacts - Monitoring TRACS
This document provides an explanation of how to monitor TRACS to ensure that certifications have been recorded correctly.  This is commonly referred to as the voucher audit.  The requirement is to compare the detail information on the voucher to the detailed information in TRACS to make sure all MI, IC, AR, IR, MO, TM, GR and UT transactions have been recorded correctly and that the property Compliance Percentage is above 90% at all times.


Instructions for PBRA RAD Conversion IC 202D
For those owner/agents converting to PBRA RAD, use these instructions when completing the Conversion IC moving the resident from the PH, PRAC, Mod Rehab, Rent Supp or RAP to PBRA RAD.  We edited the regular instructions and provide instructions specific to the RAD program. This document is not used for subsequent certifications.  See the regular 50059 Instructions.
Instructions for TRACS 202D 50059 Certification
The standard instructions for completing the 50059 are posted on HUDClips.  This version has been updated to include updated instruction based on more current HUD guidance.

This HUD website provides information about TRACS including announcements pertaining to TRACS functions. This is a valuable resource for anyone who submits HUD Form 50059 to HUD or to a Contract Administrator. 


TRACS Mandatory User Recertification Quick Start
This document, created by RBD, provides step-by-step instructions that will assist TRACS/WASS Coordinators as they recertify TRACS Users.


 TRACS Mandatory User Recertification Questions and Answers
Between September 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 TRACS System Coordinators are required to recertify all Users who continue to need access to TRACS. Failure to complete this process by the deadline will result in the termination of the User’s access to TRACS. During the Online Training, HUD received and responded to several questions. A summary of that Q & A.
TRACS Recertification User’s Guide
This User’s Guide provides a comprehensive explanation of the TRACS User Recertification process. 


TRACS Error Message – Draft with Explanations
In preparation for TRACS 2.0.3.A, the TRACS Working Group has provided additional information owner/agents may use to help them address TRACS errors.  These draft documents will not be complete until the finalization of the TRACS 2.0.3. Specification documents.

203A MAT Appendix C - Error Messages Codes

203A MAT Appendix D - Discrepancy Codes

203A MAT Appendix E - Fatal Error Messages Codes

203A MAT Appendix F - Tenant Info. Messages

DUNS Number Requirements
All vouchers data December 2017 or later are required to include the property DUNS Number and Tax Identification Number. Review the DUNS Number Requirements


TRACS Rules of Behavior
This document must be signed by all users with access to TRACS or iMAX. The TRACS system automatically prompts you to accept and print this document. Use this form if you did not print your ROB or if you cannot find it.
TRACS Announcements Page
This HUD website provides HUD Broadcast messages regarding the TRACS database and iMAX. Additional industry announcements are often posted here as well.
HUD forms are accessed from this page. This is where you can download current versions of HUD Forms 50059 and 50059A and instructions for completing those forms. HUDClips also stores the 52670 and instructions for completing each part of the 52670.
Updated Forms Matrix
Rules about OMB forms prohibit edits. However, in some cases, HUD allows owner/agents to remove form expiration dates. This is true of most “TRACS forms”. Owner/agents must understand that forms cannot be edited without specific HUD permission. The original forms matrix was published on HUD’s RHIIP web site in 2008. We have updated the matrix and included form names and updated expiration information.
Monthly Activity Transmission (MAT) Guide 
The Monthly Activity Transmission Guide provides detailed guidance about use of HUD’s 50059, 50059A and vouchers. This guide is the resource used to understand the different certifications and rules about when and how each type of transactions should be submitted. This MAT Guide also explains how TRACS handles submissions, how to correct TRACS and how to address TRACS errors. The current version of TRACS is 2.0.2.D
TRACS 2.0.3.A Specification Document
This document explains the changes to the TRACS Database (version 2.0.3.A) which is currently scheduled for release in 2020.
TRACS Access and Security Training Requirements
This memo outlines the TRACS Access Training Requirements. When this memo was issued, TRACS Users and Coordinators were required to participate in Security Awareness Training within 30 days of signing the TRACS Rules of Behavior (ROB). The requirement has since changed. TRACS Users and Coordinators must participate in Security Awareness Training annually. Please note the Security Awareness Training (Cyber Awareness Challenge) is the same training required for EIV Users and Coordinators.
TRACS Industry User Guide
This Guide provides HUD property management professionals with information about how to access TRACS within Secure Systems and how to use TRACS Reports Voucher Detail/Summary Reports Voucher Query Certification Query Certification with Discrepancies Report Late Certification Report Move In/Move Out Query Multiple Occupancy Query Project Evaluation Query Voucher Tenant Compliance Query Appendices

iMAX User Guide
iMAX is a web-based communication system that provides Contract Administrators (CAs) and Owner Agents (OAs) who have subsidy contracts with HUD to transmit to HUD and to other OAs and CAs registered with iMAX, tenant data and voucher data files. Files sent to HUD are logged, processed, and submitted to TRACS for payment processing by iMAX. iMAX also receives TRACS processing results and makes these results available to the external business partners of HUD. This manual provides information about accessing iMAX, uploading TRACS files and retrieving error messages.

TRACS Multifamily Move out Request Form
The purpose of this form is to request a HUD initiated move-out. This form is to only be used if submitting a MAT40 from your site is not possible. You may not use this form to move a tenant from one unit and into another. This move-out process is performed using the tenants Social Security Number and current contract number. It does not account for the unit number. This form also does not correct Unit Transfer issues. Do not use this process to create a "fake" move-out, move-in to fix a problem in EIV. This will just cause more problems.
TRACS Certification Re-baseline Request
The purpose of this form is to request an HQ initiated project certification re-baseline. By submitting this form you are requesting that all active tenant certifications be terminated in TRACS for your project.
Quick Start Guide
This document provides quick step-by-step instruction explaining how to set up TRACS access.
TRACSMail ID Request Form
The purpose of this form is to request a new TRACSMail ID. This TRACSMail ID is to be used for the exclusive purpose of submitting Voucher and Tenant data.
Downloading TRACS Query Information to Excel
When using information on TRACS queries, sometimes it is just easier to download the information into Excel. RBD created instructions to help you download and format certification query information.
TRACS Compliance Percentages
While HUD extends efforts to enforce the Optimum Tenant Compliance percentage for property managers submitting to TRACS, many owner/agents are scratching their heads trying to figure out exactly what the compliance percentage is. This document provides an explanation of how the process works including information about why a property may be above or below 100%.
Late Annual Certifications
The industry, as a whole, has been searching for specific, consistent guidance regarding payment when an annual certification is submitted after the effective date. It is important to understand the rules surrounding late ARs. This document provides information about how to address Late Annual Certifications.