EIV Resources

EIV Websites 
HUD's EIV Web Site for the Multifamily Housing Industry
HUD's EIV Training Outreach Web Site
HUD's Rental Housing Integrity Improvement Web Site
HUD's Consent for Disclosure of EIV Information
This document if required if an OA my share EIV information with anyone who is participating in a certification interview who may see another person's EIV information. There is no HUD requirement to obtain this consent more than once.  
EIV & The Management & Occupancy Review
This document provides a summary of the EIV Questions asked on HUD form 9834 – used to conduct your MOR. We also offer suggestions for documenting use of EIV reports.
RHIIP ListServ Messages Regarding the Availability of EIV April 2010 through June 2010
This document contains copies of the RHIIP ListServ messages regarding the availability of EIV from April 2010 through early June 2010. Since certifications effective June 1, 2010, or later must include EIV reports, this document can be used to document that the owner/agent attempted to use EIV, but EIV was not available.
Note to File - Missing or Old Data in EIV RHIIP ListServ 450
In HUD’s RHIIP ListServ 450 HUD acknowledged that the data in EIV may be missing or outdated.  Owner/agents were instructed to make a note to the file if EIV was not used for verification as required in Chapter 9 of HH 4350.3.  this sample notice was created to assist our customers in creating a standard Note To File for this purpose.
EIV Quick Start 
Many owner/agents are still struggling to access EIV. You get half way through the process but get stuck at the point where you get a message saying that “No Contracts Assigned to This User”. You're almost there!! This EIV Quick Start provides step-by-step instructions about EIV setup and certification.  2017 version is available.
Apply for access to Secure Systems
If you do not have a Web Access Secure Systems (WASS) User Name, use this link to begin the process to get access to the WASS Systems including EIV and TRACS
EIV & You Brochure
This link takes you to the English version of the brochure.  You can order free pre-printed color copies from HUD's Direct Distribution Center 
HUD's EIV Questions and Answers Document
After the December 29, 2008, EIV Training Webcast, HUD published a list of Questions and Answers to assist owner/agents when implementing and using EIV. This document is updated periodically and should be used as a reference tool when creating your own EIV policies.
Updated for HOTMA

RBD has developed an EIV FASTForms package that includes sample forms that can be modified to document your company's EIV Policies and Procedures. HUD Notices, sample resident notices, checklists, sample policies (including a sample EIV Use Policy and a sample EIV Security Policy), HUD Forms and Social Security Number forms are all included in the package. 
EIV OnDemand Training
Join Mary Ross for a review of the requirements surrounding the use of HUD's Enterprise Income Verification System Training.