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HOTMA Final Rule 
Who Needs HOTMA Training?
Property Owner/Agents, Property Managers, Compliance Teams, Contract Administrators, Software Developers, Software Vendors and Software Support Staff
RBD OnDemand Training - HOTMA – Multifamily Housing
On February 14, 2023, HUD Released the Final Rule - announcing the long-awaited implementation of The Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act (HOTMA).  HOTMA introduces changes to eligibility, income inclusions and exclusions, verification, calculation of adjusted income, treatment of assets, and much more.  Join Mary for a high-level explanation of how this changes requirements for HUD’s Multifamily Housing programs.
This class is available for purchase for $50.00 per person and can be viewed for three (3) days.
RBD Online Training - HUD Today 2023
HUD Today 2023 includes information about the latest HUD Occupancy requirements. Our online classes include interactive exercises and polls to keep students engaged and insure that you understand how to implement these changes.  Classes include comprehensive workbooks and handouts developed to be utilized as resource materials once the class is over.  HUD Today 2023 will cover HOTMA, TRACS 2.0.3.A & the latest from HUD Beyond The Handbook.  Click here for a detailed class agenda.
RBD OnDemand Training - Streamlined Verification & Implementation of the FAST Act
HOTMA incorporates Streamlined Certification, Streamlined Verification of Assets, and Streamlined Verification of Fixed Income.  These changes were introduced in 2016 and 2018 and simplify verification.  While preparing to implement HOTMA, we strongly recommend that owner/agents, and other industry stakeholders, become familiar with Streamlined processes.  This class provides detailed information about each of these three changes.
HUD’s Multifamily Housing Resource Page
HUD’s email for questions related to HOTMA and it’s impact on HUD’s Multifamily Housing programs.
HUD’s one-page summary of the key HOTMA changes to Multifamily Housing programs
A short training video provided by HUD and explaining HOTMA changes related to Multifamily Housing
Summary Of Major Changes By Program Type
This table provides a summary of major changes by Program as presented in the Final Rule.