RBD FASTFacts and Sample Forms

Verification of Assets for HUD Programs
With the Implementation of the Streamlining Final Rule for Multifamily Housing, owner/agent verify assets and income from assets using guidance provided in HH 4350.3 R1 and subsequent notices. For three years after this verification is complete, and when the total cash value of assets is $5000 or less, owner/agents may accept a resident’s self-certification of the value of assets and income from assets. RBD has created this form to assist you in obtaining such self-certification.
Verification Fixed Income Family
With the implementation of the FAST Act, owner/agents complete a full review of income every three years – instead of every year when a family is determined to be a Fixed Income Family. A Fixed Income Family receives at least 90% of their income from a fixed income source (e.g. Social Security, VA Disability, pension, etc.). RBD has created this form to assist you in obtaining annual self-certification required after the initial verification is complete.
Asset Calculation Examples
We receive numerous questions regarding the asset calculation. In response, we have developed this document to provide samples of how to calculate income from assets. This is based on the most current instruction provided in HH 4350.3 R1, C4, Chapter 5 and Appendix 5-2 and on the most recent clarifications provided by the HUD Headquarters Policy team.

Self Cert - Income - Ride Hailing

Many of you are trying to verify income when residents are working for Ride Hailing services such as Uber or Lyft.   In response, we have developed this sample form that you may want to review when developing your own form. This is based on the most current instruction provided in HH 4350.3 R1, C4, Appendix 6C. 


Verification Exception - No EIV

This sample form was created by RBD to help owner/agents docuemtn a tenant file when EIV was not used to verify SSA Income or Medical Expense (Medicare Part B) Deductions. 

Medical Expense Examples
HUD provides limited information about medical expenses included in the Medical Expense Deduction. In an effort to provide a comprehensive list of medical expense deductions, we have taken HUD’s guidance and taken guidance provided by the IRS via IRS Publication 502 and have compared both federal agency’s guidance.  In an effort to create a more comprehensive policy and to ensure that residents are treated in a fair and equitable manner, we created an unofficial list of medical expenses including some guidance on how these medical expenses may be treated when determining the medical expense deduction for qualified families. If HUD provides guidance in any of the known HUD resources or clarifications, we use HUD guidance. If HUD is silent, we consider guidance provided by the IRS and attempt to incorporate HUD rules.
Sample Citizenship Declaration Form
Change 4 included a modified version of Exhibit 3-5 Sample Citizenship Declaration. HUD's version includes formatting errors. Since this is a sample form, owner/agents can edit the form to incorporate their own changes as long as such changes are compliant. This is an RBD Sample Citizenship Declaration.
OMB Forms Rules
This is an updated version of HUD's Forms Matrix which can be found on HUD's RHIIP website.
Sample Verification of the need for over the counter medical products
This is a sample form created by RBD to help you meet verification requirements when determining the medical expense deductions
Zero Income Form
This is a sample form created by RBD to help you meet verification requirements when reviewing income for families who say they have no income. In other words, total income on the 50059 is $0.00.
Single Residency Criteria Acknowledgement: Move In
This explains, to applicants, the requirements to stop subsidy in their current residence before you can stop subsidy in your unit.
RBD EIV Income Discrepancy Calculation Worksheet
Use this worksheet to compare income information reported by the resident to income information available on the EIV Income Report. Use of this spreadsheet is explained in the RBD Online Training Workshops EIV Basics and EIV Discrepancies.
RBD FASTFacts – VAWA Forms Distribution Requirements
This document explains the VAWA forms distribution requirements.  This include HUD Form 5380 - VAWA Notice, HUD Form 5381 - Model VAWA Emergency Transfer (VET) Plan, HUD Form 5382 VAWA Certification, HUD Form 5383 - VET Request, and HUD Form 91067 VAWA Addendum.  This document also includes sample VAWA language for your TSP and House Rules.
RBD FASTFacts – Criminal & Other Screening
The Supreme Court disparate impact ruling caused all owner/agents to reevaluate criminal and other screening criteria. This FASTFact provides information about HUD’s criminal screening requirements.
RBD FASTFacts – The EIV Master File
Review this document to understand the requirements for keeping a property EIV Master File. 
RBD FASTFacts– Streamlined Verification
Owner/agents now have the option of using Streamlined Verification for fixed income. This means third-party verification documents are obtained once every three years instead of annually. This document explains this new verification method.
RBD FASTFacts - Income for Teacher - Options for Interim Certifications
Calculating/projecting income for seasonal employees can be challenging. Review this document to explore options to reduce the number of interim certifications. 
RBD FASTFacts– Hoarding
Owner/agents should understand that hoarding may be a side effect or symptom of a disability. Review this document to obtain some insight in to your Section 504 responsibilities. 
RBD FASTFacts– The Section 504 Coordinator
Owner/agents with 15 or more employees, regardless of their location or position, must assign a person to coordinate efforts to comply with Section 504. Review this document for a summary of Section 504 Coordinator responsibilities.
RBD FASTFacts– Charging for Damages Caused by Bed Bugs
HUD has concluded that owner/agents may charge for damages caused by bed bugs. However, owner/agents must implement reasonable process to determine if bed bugs infestations were caused by a resident, resident’s guest or resident’s service provider. 
RBD FASTFacts– Social Security Number Exemptions for Minors
On April 6, 2016 HUD published the Streamlining Final Rule which added a new Social Security Number Disclosure exemption for minors (under the age of 6) at move in. This document explains the old rule and the new rule for auditing purposes.
RBD FASTFacts– Creating Certifications When More Than One Family Shares Custody
Special Rules apply when a child lives in more than one assisted unit. This document provides a brief explanation of the rules regarding income, deductions and occupancy standards.
RBD FASTFacts– HUD Lease Requirements
Be sure that you fully understand the rules regarding lease documents as they relate to the HUD Multifamily housing programs. 
RBD FASTFacts– Tenant Organizations
Owner/agents are required to encourage residents to participate in tenant organizations. Review this document to understand key requirements for HUD’s Mutifamily Housing programs. 
RBD FASTFacts– HUD File Recordkeeping Requirements
This document provides a summary of the recordkeeping requirements for applicant files, resident files and EIV reports.